Flushmate K-100100 Intelli-Flush Wall Sensor with White Trim



Flushmate Intelli-Flush on the Wall Sensor with White Trim

Retrofit Design Sets Touch-Free Standard for Electronic Flushing. FLUSHMATE® INTELLI-Flush™ enables touchless, electronic sensor operation of existing FLUSHMATE units. Reduces the spread of bacteria, recurring odors and adds the convenience of automatic flushing. Combines all the watersaving and superior performance advantages of FLUSHMATE with the convenience of no-touch operation.

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Flushmate Intelli-Flush on the Wall Sensor with White Trim




• Battery-activated (no electricity)
• Infrared technology ensures toilets are always flushed, user pick-up or hand-wave
• Adjustable flush delay, 5 or 7 second
• Touch-free design promotes hygiene
• Greatly reduces restroom odors
• Ideal where physical flushing limitations are a concern, ADA compliant
• Quick and simple installation
• Override button included
• Contemporary design enhances restroom decor
• Choose from chrome or white on sensor trim
• Four C Cell and four AA cell alkaline batteries included
• Three year expected battery life
• 3 year limited warranty
• 24 hour flush cycle feature (Ideal for commercial applications)

• Green LED flashes when user is detected
• Yellow LED flashes for low battery
• Easy to install on-wall sensor system
• Sealed battery compartment
• Factory preset for optimum operation
• Easy to follow instructions included
• Retrofits to FLUSHMATE 501-B, 503, and 504
• Sensor trim available in chrome or white


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Flushmate Intelli-Flush


Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 2 in
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