Delany Products

Over 130 years later and now into its fourth generation, Delany Products is still 100% family owned. The Company has seen many changes along the way starting with the introduction of its first flush valve, the Flushboy, in 1927, which changed the product line forever.

In 1948, Doc Delany invented and patented the hallmark feature of all Delany flush valves, the Regulating Screw, allowing a valve to be externally adjusted in the field. In 1956, Doc patented another trademark feature of the Delany valves, the Rubberflex handle. This is still the only non-spring loaded handle on the market today.

Entering the 80s, the Company came out with a hydraulic activated valve, called the Hydro-Flush.But it was the dawn of the electronic age of flushometers that set this decade apart for the industry. Delany was there with its Sensor-Flush and the first ever sensor-operating battery powered flush valve. In 1988, the Company patented the Impulse.

In 2012, the new Delany Products launched the first new valve in over 20 years. This was a high end manual valve called the Saber. As the recovery continues, the Company still remains true to is core of simplicity of design, 100% hand assembly, and the water testing of each and every valve before it leaves the building.