Kingston Brass

“Embodying the soul of creative craftsmanship, inspired by the heart of ingenious designs.”

Combining aesthetics and functionality to the plumbing community is what we, at Kingston Brass have focused and centered around. Born from the dedicated minds of industry professionals in 1998, Kingston Brass has worked diligently in creating the top quality products to the plumbing/kitchen and bath market.

In the years of building ourselves as a valued service and product provider, we have moved from local sources to the online world after achieving our original goal of establishing ourselves as a quality provider to the wholesale market nationwide.

Given our years of activity, we have developed a close relation with our customers, directly communicating with all of you to develop an ever-growing array of products and accessories suited for your needs. No one goes unheard as we keep to maintaining open ears, taking suggestions and listening to what you need.

Keeping to the utmost transparency of intently providing quality service, we surprised even ourselves with the number of items we have developed in just nineteen years. From just a few hundreds of items to carrying over 20,000 items in inventory, our warehouse encompasses an area of 200,000 square feet, and gives way to over 30 loading docks from which we ship products and items to our customers.

Now, one may wonder, how have we even been able to keep up with so many products that we have had the pleasure of offering to you?

We have grown and continue to grow in developing and enhancing our ways of offering top quality service by organizing our products into a series of brands. As it is often said, ‘It is never too late to refine and perfect.’