Zurn ZTR6203-WS1 Sensor Flush Valve for Urinals


Zurn Sensor Flush Valve for Urinals

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<p>Zurn Sensor Flush Valve for Urinals</p>
<p>Zurn ZTR Sensor flush valve for urinals are performance engineered with sensor activation and piston operation at 1.0gpf</p>
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<li>Battery-powered sensor operated flush valve</li>
<li>Clog resistant piston operation with manual override button</li>
<li>Chemical resistant gaskets and seals for extended service life with lower maintenance costs</li>
<li>3-year warranty</li>
<li>Battery-powered, 4 AA&rsquo;s, with 3-year battery life, standard</li>
<li>Optional long-life battery-powered, 4 AA&rsquo;s, with 10-year battery life</li>
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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 2 in
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