Huntington Brass

Afeel Corporation, dba Huntington Brass, is committed to provide products that are manufactured with outstanding quality while providing consistency in servicing our customers with excellence. We promote and conduct business with ethical business practices and professionalism, and we strive to provide our associates with a safe, professional, and friendly working environment. Huntington Brass is a wholesale and OEM plumbing company founded in 1989, both importing and manufacturing faucets, handles, shower parts, and plumbing components from Asia and Europe including its own manufacturing plant in China. In 2005, the company moved from its facility in Huntington Beach, California, to its current 25,000 square foot facility in Cypress, California. The new facility has a larger warehouse for stocking its product lines, a product testing laboratory, and larger building for an expanding staff of customer service and quality assurance personnel. Huntington Brass offers three ranges of products: the Reliaflo CollectionDecor Collection and the Platinum Collection. The Reliaflo Collection features a basic line of products, with a simple, modest appearance that are reasonably priced. The Decor collection is a mid to high end range of products that offers style and design at a reasonable price. The Platinum Collection features high-end products which exhibit a high level of design and custom finishes, for a larger range of applications. The company is committed to total quality in products and service, as evidenced by its ISO 9001:2015 certification. Huntington Brass is ready to meet the challenges of the future, and to provide you, the customer, with a splash of elegance. ISO 9001-2015 certification means that Huntington Brass has passed rigorous tests for quality in every aspect of its operations, meeting the most stringent of international standards. These standards call for the determination, documentation, execution and ongoing evaluation of best practices in areas as diverse as meeting customer requirements, dealing with products that diverge from specifications, and engaging in a process of continuous improvement of products, services, and personnel capabilities. Companies and individuals can rely on Huntington Brass to deliver predictably, stably, and positively. ISO certification is one more reason why you can trust our company and our products.